Permanent Magnet Lifter BML

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Beaver Permanent Magnet Lifter

The Permanent Magnetic Lifter is ideal for lifting and handling steel plate, pipes, beams and cylindrical work pieces of ferromagnetic materials. Our Magnetic Lifters contain a NdFeB permanent magnet, which can generate high holding-power in a magnetic circuit.

With the use of a magnetic lifter the need for slings, clamps and special lifting frames can be eliminated. They are compact in design and construction, convenient in operation with a strong holding force, and are safe and reliable. These magnetic lifters are widely used for lifting and hoisting in factories, warehouses, wharves and transport facilities.


› Due to the high magnetic properties of the magnetic lifter the relevant size of the unit is smaller compared to other products with the same lifting capacity.

› As the magnetic lifter is not electrically operated, accidents due to sudden power failure are avoided, the magnetic lifter can also be used outdoors or on site without the need for a power supply.

› There are ‘V’ slots incorporated into the holding face allowing it to be used to lift pipes or round bar work pieces.

› The special safety locking mechanism on the handle prevents the magnetic lifter from accidentally being released.

› The magnetic lifter comes complete with a rated shackle that is stamped with the Working Load Limit (W.L.L.); Test No.; Serial No.; Month and Year of manufacture and the European standard compliance mark (CE).

› Magnetic lifters are individually Proof Tested to twice their rated capacity for flat steel plate.

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