Ultra High Performance Wire Ropes

Ultra High Performance, Long Life Wire Rope 

  • > Less down time for cranes
  • > Less surprise rope failures and premature wear
  • > Reduced core failures
  • > Extended service life
  • > Confidence in the rope’s capability in stressful environments.
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NEW B-safe Tradie/Roofers Kit

Rated to 160kg capacity for our larger tradies, the new B-Safe Tradie Roofers Kit is a cost effective, lightweight safety harness kit, ideally suited for roof work. 

The Tradie Roofers Kit contains the comfortable, easy to fit B-Safe Roofers Harness and comes with simple twistlock karabiners which provide fast, automatic security of connection. 

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Twin Path Lifting Slings For Heavy Lifts

Reduce Rigging Time On Big Lifts - With Twin Path Lifting Slings

If ergonomics, safety and productivity are important, our Twin Path Synthetic Slings are the only choice for heavy lifting up to 600 tonnes. Extremely popular worldwide, Twin Path Slings are renowned as the safest, strongest, light weight synthetic sling on the market.

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Donaghys New Stronger Lightweight Winchline

As a steel wire replacement Donaghys Winchline is lighter, safer and stronger.  

At 70% stronger and eight times lighter than wire rope, Donaghys Winch Rope is the safest and strongest synthetic rope alternative to steel wire. Available from 1mm-96mm, Donaghys Winchline is made from high strength UHMwPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) fibres which have a very low elongation of 4% break and a tenacity of up to 15 times that of steel rope .

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